Pi Wars

A few days ago, I went to Pi Wars, which is a yearly pi robot competition. I didn’t enter and just went to have a play around with my robot, and see some of the other robots.

My robot was made from a ryanteck robot kit, and you can learn more about my robot here.

I also got some new things including a second distance sensor (I’m planning to stop the pi robot from crashing into things so much), two pi zeros (Pi zeros are miniature raspberry pis, one of them was free with the MagPi, which is a raspberry pi magazine), and some other cool things.

The Pi Zero that came with the MagPi
The Pi Zero that came with the MagPi

Another thing I did is drive my robot on some of the courses that had been set up.
The video below is of my robot attempting to complete an obstacle course.

And this is my robot attempting to bowl:

Also at Pi Wars, I got interviewed by hackerfemo, who has a blog post about this event as well. You can check out his view of the event here.

I didn’t stay until the end of the event, but @whaleygeek managed to get a picture of all the competing robots at the end.

The picture that @whaleygeek took
The picture that @whaleygeek took

Overall, I think that Pi Wars is an awesome event and I hope that my robot will be competing next year. Let’s just hope that my Mum doesn’t try to put as many Lego minifigures on my robot next year – as this year they kept falling off!


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