My code has been sent up into space!

I am so excited that my code has been sent into space!

I got a highly commended award in the Astro Pi competition, and the Astro Pi people had said that only the winner’s codes would be sent up into space; but last night, at the winner’s ceremony, they invited us highly commended winners along as well (there were three of us), and told us the amazing news. I can’t believe that they hid that from us!

Us highly commended winners getting told the fantastic news!

Last night was great, and as well as hearing the amazing news, I got something pretty cool – a plain Raspberry Pi printed circuit board!

My plain Pi printed circuit board

Today, there was a launch party and graduation ceremony at the science museum. The graduation ceremony was for the Astro Science Challenge, which I completed, so I received a certificate and special gold UNSA cadet pin badge for that.

After the schools and home educated children who attended had received their certificates, we were then able to watch Tim Peake’s launch on the giant IMAX screen!  It felt really exciting, and everybody clapped and cheered when Tim gave the camera a thumbs up, and a wave, and also when he actually took off of course.

Me and Mum at the award celebration
Us home ed children holding up the certificates we were given
Me and one of the presenters.

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