What I’ve done and what I want to achieve

Hi everyone and have a happy new year! I thought it would be cool to share what I’ve done and achieved this year, and also what I’d like to achieve and do next year.

What I’ve achieved this year

  • I’ve built and programmed a pi robot
  • I’ve started a blog (This one)
  • I’ve created a cool minecraft program and got it featured in the The Magpi (my natural disasters program)
  • Highly commended award in astro pi and my code getting sent into space
  • Learned a bit of Java.

What I want to achieve next year

  • I want to pass my ECDL
  • I want to write more awesome programs
  • I want to upgrade my robot so that it is controlled over the web, has a live stream of what it currently sees with the option to stream that to your device for later use, and make it better equipped for some of the pi wars challenges so that I can enter it into Pi Wars
  • I want to get better at some of the other programming languages like Java and C.
  • I want to write a cool game.
  • I want to start writing installers for my programs so that all you need to do to get one of my programs is to run the installer (This would also be useful for making sure people agree to a copyright agreement).
  • I want to use raspberry pis with things using the GPIOs like some other people do.

I think I’ve done quite a lot of cool things this year and I want to do even more awesome things next year. I really liked my natural disasters code being featured in The MagPi and my code being sent up into space!

I think it would be great if you share what you’ve achieved this year and what you’d like to achieve next year in the comments section down below, I think it would be cool to see what you’ve all been up to.


One thought on “What I’ve done and what I want to achieve

  1. Do you think you could post the basic code to run the bot i’m starting out and I have no idea to even begin starting coding. Is it like Notepad coding: if A then go forward. Or is it something like If A robot.moveUp(3)?


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