Programming a Lego mindstorm

Someone recently lent me their Lego mindstorm for me to have a play around with, and I’ve loved it.

I’ve mostly been programming it via bluetooth, because bluetooth is quick and easy to set up and use as long as you are able to interface with it using a computer. I’ve written a couple programs for it already which I’ve listed below:

  1. Anger.ev3:
    Makes the robot happy until you press the center click button on the robot, then it starts making noise, charging forward, and frantically moving anything on it that’s connected to a motor.
  2. Battle.ev3:
    Allows the robot to be controlled using a special remote; the controls are as follows:

    Button pressed What it does
    Top button Puts the robot to sleep (stops the engine sound, changes the eyes displayed on the screen to shut eyes and plays a snoring sound until you press another button) (The robot won’t do anything until you wake it up)
     Top left button  Moves the robot forward and changes the eyes displayed to eyes that are wide open
     Top right button  Makes the robot turn around and changes the eyes displayed to narrowed eyes that are pointing in a certain direction
    Bottom left button  Swings its back weapon back and forth once while changing the eyes displayed to evil eyes and playing the sound of someone shouting “HEY YA!”
     Bottom right button  Opens and closes its claws twice while playing a SNAP! sound and displaying open eyelids with spirals in the middle
     Touch Sensor (On the robot)  Plays a power down sound, changes the mindstorm’s eyes to tired eyes and the exits the program (This only works if the robot is awake)
     Nothing (If not asleep)  Keeps the eyes displayed as angry eyes and plays an engine sound

Here is a video of my battle program running on my lego mindstorm

I wish I didn’t have to give the robot back next week as I’m enjoying it so much. Thanks to Kurt because he is part of the family that lent me the mindstorm and was the one who earned the money that was used to buy the mindstorm in the first place, you can visit his website at


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