Completing my ECDL

Yesterday, I completed the last 2 exams for my ECDL (ECDL stands for European Computer Driving License). It was only meant to be my penultimate exam (Excel), but after I’d finished that we asked if I could sit the last one (improving productivity)  as well and just pay another exam fee.

I passed both of these exams and my overall score equates to an A* GCSE, bet that’ll look good on my CV, especially as I did it at 10!

I completed the improving productivity exam in 15 minutes as well, the invigilator said that most students take the 1 hour that they are allowed to use for the test.

I’m feeling very pleased with myself for this achievement, and I hope I achieve more things like this in the future.


3 thoughts on “Completing my ECDL

  1. Hello CS it’s me again, I’ve been doing ALOT lately and I think I found something for you, you said in your ‘What I have done and what I want to do’ post that you wanted make a installer for it.

    Here is my idea:

    use a Python module called ‘Tkinter’ to make a window and different buttons that can do different things (Like adding text to a Leafpad or python file that will be put in the Minecraft Pi directory [you can also make it so that they can insert a directory so that the program doesn’t have to guess] and add it to the project list so that all they have to do is initiate it)! Its very simple and here is basic code, that will open a window (you can title it whatever you want, also parentheses are the start/end ):


    import tkinter

    window = tkinter.Tk()

    window.title(“CS MINECRAFT MOD INSTALLER”)




    That’s is just the beginning you can find more just by using Google or Midori. Hope this helps!


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