Find the block game

Hi guys, I’ve just written a find the block game in minecraft pi that uses the gpio pins. It uses the pins to power LEDs that tell you how close you are to the block. The game tells you how to play before the main part starts.

To play this game, you need to connect some LEDs to the pins, the LED colours and the pins to connect them to are in the table below (Instructions are written for a raspberry pi B+/2/3 so consult your own raspberry pi leaf diagram if your raspberry pi is different):

GPIO pin Led colour
2 Red
3 Yellow
4 Green

You can download my program here.

Install and run is simple, set up the circuit (Remember to use resistors with the LEDs), make sure you have python and RPi.GPIO installed, and run the program normally (Make sure you have Minecraft pi open and a world loaded before running).

The video below is of the game in action.

I hope you enjoy playing my game.


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