My visit to Koyoki video games in London

Hi guys, I visited a video games company’s office yesterday (actually the offices of three different companies but they were in the same building.)

I met the person that invited me at Chelmsford Jam (where I was demonstrating some of my projects.)  He’s called David Hasovic and he owns Koyoki Limited.  I thought he was great, and really enjoyed listening to all the things he was able to tell me about the work he does.

We started by seeing the rooftop terrace and then we got round to seeing the offices and having a look at the games.

When I first went into the Koyoki office, I was really surprised and pleased.  I’ve never been in a professional programmer’s office before, so it was exciting for me to see what it’s really like to work as a game developer.  I liked that they are a small company and that their office is nice and quiet – I’d love to work somewhere like that when I’m older.

It was interesting how everybody had their own part of the game that they work on in lots of detail, and to see how much information needs to be stored for various aspects of the game to work.  I got to see processes being used that I’ve only read about in books before too, so that was really interesting.

Everybody was friendly, and I was allowed to pull up a chair or stand next to people, to see what they were working on up close.  They explained to me what they were doing and answered some questions for me too.

The people in Koyoki games were developing a game called Forces of Freedom, which is an army type strategy game played on tablets or mobiles.  You can find it here:  It’s not the kind of game I would normally play because I’m 10 and there are guns and things in it, but I did get to try out a little bit to see how the program works.  I liked how the sound effects and speed your character is moving at are programmed to change depending on what terrain you’re on.  So if you’re on a bridge, you hear thudding footsteps, and if you’re climbing a hill, your character moves a bit slower – like you would do in real life.

It was a great experience to see how all the files and bits of code come together to create professional games like this, and to learn about how the processes work (e.g. how each person has responsibility for specific parts of the overall program.)

Another company I saw was creating an update for a game called Pocket Mortys (that is actually how it’s spelt, not a me making a typo), which is based on an episode of a TV show called Rick and Morty (you can view the trailer for the app here).  They let me have a go on the apps they were developing as well.

At the end of my visit, David gave me a free book about Refactoring my code to take home with me.  It’s a really big book that I’m looking forward to reading!  I love computer programming manuals and this one should help me to understand how to get my own code to work as best as it can.

I’m feeling inspired to try and set up my own network after my visit, as that’s not something I’ve done before.  I’ll keep you guys posted when I’ve made a start on that. Thank you to David Hasovic for inviting me, and to everyone for being so friendly and helpful.  I learnt a lot and really enjoyed my visit!

Below: Pictures of my visit


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