I am a 11 year old home educated computer programmer, who does most of his work on the Raspberry Pi.  A Raspberry Pi is a programmable credit card sized computer.

My programming name is CrazySqueak, and you can get to the twitter account that my Mum manages for me by clicking on my name there. I’m going to use this blog to share my projects in more detail.

I would describe myself as being a bit obsessed with computers, and love reading programming books too. I find computers quite easy to use, and when I grow up I am going to write useful programs that make complex programming tasks easier for inexperienced people, or program medical equipment – maybe I’ll do both! I program in a variety of programming languages including the following:

These photos below are of me at different raspberry jams (raspberry pi conventions) doing different things. The first is of @whaleygeek helping me wire an electrical circuit to the computer, so I can control it using a program. The second is of @HackerJimbo and @ZacharyIgielman  looking at my astro-pi work (astro-pi is a national competition which I won a highly commended award for – even though the competition was for older children!) The third is of me, @asbradbury, and @MissPhilbin who I think are great. I learnt a lot about programming from their books Adventures in Raspberry Pi, and Learning Python with Raspberry Pi. I also love Adventures in Minecraft, Computer Coding for Kids, and Beginning Programming For Dummies.




Raspberry jams are computer conventions that happen almost all the time at different places around the world. Raspberry jams aren’t just one big room full of computers, there are also workshops and talks where you’ll often learn something new. The last workshop I went to, I learnt how you could track bluetooth beacons using javascript, and how to run javascript programs from the terminal (term used for a window that lets you type in instructions for the computer to run). The talks and workshops are often different each time but they all have something to do with programming of course.

I often get quite a lot of help with, and advice about, my programming projects at these jams. I have quite a bit of fun looking at, and having a bit of a play around with, the different projects on the show and tell tables. The reason it is called a raspberry jam is because the computers there are mostly Raspberry Pis, and the jams are totally themed around them.

The ones I go to regularly, a few times a year, are held in Southend, and Cambridge.  I’ve also recently attended one in Ipswich. The next event I’m going to is a special one called Pi Wars, which is run by the people who do Cambridge raspberry jams.  I’m not entering a robot into the competition, but me and my Mum have built one to play on the obstacle course that they’re going to set up for spectators to use.  I’ll explain a bit about my robot in another post, including how you can control a Raspberry Pi robot using an old Wii remote.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is great, I managed to follow the post, even given the technical nature. I am inspired to get a raspberry pi, I had thought I wouldn’t be able to work it, but I really want to try now. Looking forward to seeing subsequent posts! 🙂

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  2. A great introduction there. I think you’ll find it very useful to blog how things are going. Not only does it give a record of what you’ve been doing and when but it also means that you can use it to show people what you’ve achieved.

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