Text Adventure Prolouge

Hiya guys, it’s CrazySqueak and I’d like to present the first part of my text adventure that I’m working on.

This text adventure is set in minecraft and has many secrets for you to find.

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file from my dropbox and unzip into a folder that you have write permission for (i.e. a new TextAdventure folder in your home folder)
  2. If it asks you if you want to overwrite/rename/merge files say to overwrite. This way your save data stays intact between installations.
  3. If you haven’t already installed python 3, do it now by downloading it off python.org (windows/mac) or running sudo apt-get install -y python3 (Raspberry Pi)

Run instructions

  1. Go into the folder that you installed the text adventure to and run the program by double-clicking on it (windows) or opening a terminal window in the current folder, typing in the following python3 textadventure.py and pressing ENTER (Raspberry Pi).

Play instructions

  • When it says press enter to continue, do that.
  • When it says select a save file, enter the number corresponding to the save file you’d like to play.
  • If it is a new save file, you will be asked to enter your name, enter your name or enter a different name if you’re trying to find naming easter eggs.
  • When a > appears, type in an instruction and press ENTER.
  • I recommend that you play this game in a maximised window.

This text adventure is like most others in which you have to type the correct instruction to do stuff.

The rest of the game pretty much explains the most important stuff (i.e. Combat, go, inventory, ect.)

I hope you enjoy my game.

Download here.

EDIT: Fixed a line of code that would’ve caused problems later in development.


My Minecraft Minigames

WARNING: This program is not compatible with PC or Python 2: please use a Raspberry Pi and Python 3 to run

Hi readers, it’s CrazySqueak here, I’ve recently exhibited a few projects at Southend Jam and this is one of them.

I’ve written a Minecraft game called McPiWare. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible by completing minigames. The minigames occur in a set order and keep coming until you fail at one of them. There is also a bonus round that first occurs when you reach 20 points, and then it multiplies the score required for the bonus round by three each time. You can find a list of the minigames below.

Name Objective Allocated time (secs) Win criteria Bonus points awarded Notes
 Flowers Pick all the flowers  10
  •  The player has picked all the flowers
  •  (0-5) for speed
 Speed bonus is near-impossible to obtain without cheating
 Parkour Land on as many blocks as possible  15
  •  The player has landed on at least five obsidian blocks
  •  (0-any) for each extra block landed on
 Blocks turn to glowing obsidian when landed on, only landing on normal obsidian counts
 Survive  Don’t fall down 30
  •  The player has at least 1 life left at the end
  •  (0-4) for lives left
 The minigame instantly ends if you run out of lives
 Treasure  Find as much treasure as you can  30
  •  The player has found at least 1 treasure block
  •  (0-any) for extra treasure found
 Searching is done by right-clicking grass near cobblestone or farmland while holding a sword
 Miner  Mine as many diamonds as you can  15
  •  The player has mined at least one diamond ore
  •  (0-any) for extra diamonds found
 You will see text in chat when you are near diamonds, diamons are hidden under the layer of stone
 Bonus (aka Path)  Move from the gold block to the diamond block as many times as you can without falling down  15  You complete this minigame no matter what
  •  (0-any) for paths cleared
  • (0-any) bonus points
 Falling down instantly ends the minigame

I’m really pleased with how this game turned out, especially the built in leaderboard which means you can invite your friends over to compete with you. The leaderboard starts with some pre-set scores so it takes a master of the game to achieve the top ranking score.

Feel free to download and share my project but please leave credit to me for creating the original program. I hope it will be included in the next Minecraft Pi hackpack too!