My visit to the Raspberry Pi’s 5th Birthday Party

Hi guys! CrazySqueak here with another blog post!

Today, I visited the Raspberry Pi’s 5th Birthday Party, and it was awesome! I got to see a bunch of cool projects and even got some new ideas!

Some of the cool projects I saw include:

  • Wizard Chess (From Harry Potter)
  • An giant operation game.
  • Super Mario Bros 3 running from inside a NES controller!
  • A giant “Raspberry Pi Birthday Cake” with Twitter-controlled lights.

After some time looking at projects, I listened to a talk about creating art with Processing by Matt Richardson. The talk was interesting and I got a cool idea from it. I also went to another talk which was about doing Raspberry Jams and that sort of stuff.

One of the best parts was the trivia quiz show. I didn’t do very well but it was still great fun. Afterwards we got to see what was inside the answer buttons’ box, which obviously included a Raspberry Pi!

Also, I chatted with various people such as Grace (HackerFemo’s Mum who does inclusive jams in London), and Philip Colligan (The CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation)!

Another great part was that I received a few free gifts from party bags:

  • A Drum HAT (Cool!)
  • A LED strip HAT (I can’t remember the name and nor can Google)
  • And 2 Blue Ducks (I love ducks!)

I’d also like to get a PaPiRus HAT at some point but we’ll have to order one of those online.

Overall, I think the Pi Birthday was amazing and was definitely awesome enough for such an important milestone. I can’t wait for the next one!